Providing boiler repairs in Pontefract, West Yorkshire

Prevent Serious Damage With Our Meticulous Boiler Maintenance and Repairs

When your boiler breaks down, your entire home can be left without heat and hot water. However, thanks to the hard-working technicians at SESKU Gas,   you won’t be without them for long. We specialise in hassle-free boiler maintenance and repairs to get your heating and hot water back in working order.

Rescuing You In An Emergency

Don’t be alarmed when faced with the daunting prospect of a broken-down boiler. Instead, rely on our trustworthy engineers to provide the solution. Once you have encountered a problem with your appliance, we travel to your property to inspect it. Our experts will trace the fault  and aim to repair it there and then, with your approval.

Promptly Identifying the Problem

As well-practiced boiler maintenance specialists, we find it is not always the boiler itself that is at fault. At times, the issue is caused by external controls or wiring. In this case, we pinpoint and deliver the most suitable solution. Once we have repaired your boiler and replaced the necessary components, we check that it is operating correctly. Parts that often need to be replaced include:

Pumps – Time Clocks – Room Thermostats – Zone Valves

Contact us in the event of breakdown.

Experts In Reliable Boiler Maintenance

As your first port of call for top-quality, reliable boiler servicing,and repairs, we cater to most makes and models of gas appliances. No matter the issue you encounter, we rapidly respond to your request with the most effective solution. Our solutions are tailored to the type and age of your boiler to ensure that the repair is effective and efficient.

Delivering Affordable Boiler Repairs

Unfortunately, it may be that your boiler is subject to frequent problems, faults, and difficulties. Should this be the case, it may not be practical or financially viable to maintain it. When your out-of-date boiler is simply at the end of its life, we offer to replace  it. We provide a free quote at your property, and suggest a like-for-like boiler or an upgrade that suits to your needs.